Turkish language

Turkish lessons are part of a curriculum designed to teach students the Turkish language to preserve and maintain their language skills. This lesson aims to improve students’ proficiency in their mother tongue, strengthen their knowledge of Turkish grammar, and preserve Turkish culture.

Turkish lessons teach students the correct and effective use of the Turkish language. This includes studying the structural rules of the language, grammar rules, vocabulary, and communication skills. Various activities and materials are used to enhance students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.

During the lessons, students are introduced to examples from Turkish literature and engage in activities to understand Turkish culture. They gain knowledge about prominent authors, poets, and literary works, exploring the rich heritage of Turkish literature. Thus, Turkish lessons foster both language skills and cultural awareness.

In addition to the Turkish language, students also have the opportunity to learn about Turkey’s history, geography, traditions, and cultural characteristics. They become acquainted with elements of Turkish culture such as Turkish folk music, traditional cuisine, and folkloric dances, which further strengthen their sense of Turkish identity.
Turkish lessons provide important support for students to maintain their Turkish language skills and preserve their Turkish identity. The aim is for students to sustain their proficiency in their mother tongue, strengthen their connection to Turkish culture, and contribute to Turkish society.