About Us

Who we are

It all started with a teacher giving online classes to a student whose education was incomplete. After the student asked the teacher during a lesson whether he could ask two of his friends, who are in the same situation as him, to also join the classes and the teacher answered “of course,” the frequency of the classes increased to two days in a week and the number of students rose to three.

 These figures increased exponentially week by week. As the number of students reached 60, a few more volunteer teachers joined our teacher. At the end of a year, 400 teachers in 14 different branches were giving classes to a total of 4,000 students.

The online classes are given by volunteer teachers from around the world to students in numerous countries whose education is incomplete.

 The classes are offered online on https://live.mersys.io/ The teachers take attendance and monitor their students’ homework. The students are provided with all kinds of documents, PDFs and videos they need. They can also access digital whiteboards, a teaching method used in the system. The exams are held online at the website and the students are given certificates for completing a course or a class year.