Starts with you.
Help us to build a better life for those who need help.
Give them the gift of education by being a member of many helping hands.
We transform, we change,
we become stronger.

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We make education services accessible to students who need education anywhere in the world. If you need training services, click here to register.

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Support First Bricks students with your donations!

Laptops and Tablets

80 Laptops and 60 Tablets

Raz Kids

Raz Kinds app for 1400 Englihs club students


Stationery materials


A library in Athens, Greece


Teachers' educational materials


Art materials


Education sets for kindergarden students.


Literacy sets for 140 student


Eid gifts for student 4 to 18 years old

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Happy Student

Teaching students to give back to their communities is crucial for the well being of our communities. Giving back instills in children the idea that they can make the world a better place, one small project at a time. Our students develop their academic skills as well as compassion, social awareness, relationship skills, leadership, and more through our online classes.

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Course content

PRE-SCHOOL: Nursery Class SCIENCE-ORIENTED: Biology, Science, Physics,  Geometry, Math, Math (English), Primary School Math, Secondary School Math
CODING:  Robotics Coding, Design Coding
FOREIGN LANGUAGES:  Literacy, Turkish,  English, German,  French, Spanish, Dutch, Greek
ART: Mind Games, Story Time, Music, Guitar, Painting, Drawing, Origami, Polymer Clay, Cooking

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Our volunteers provide exceptional value for students of all ages through various programs. They are professionals in their areas of focus ranging from teachers and engineers, to artists from all over the world. They give their time, talent and knowledge to help students in need across the globe. We are always in need of more, so please join our amazing team and bring light and knowledge to the life of a student in need!

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We offer courses in math, science, reading, writing, language, and more to underserved youth wherever and whenever is most convenient for them. You can also take part in social activities and classes such as guitar lessons and story hours which are completely online!

Parent Feedback

“You helped us to deal with the difficulties associated with my child's cognitive and spiritual development together. I am not feeling alone which gives me courage and makes me stronger to deal with the hardships due to being a refugee. Thank you very much for everything!
“My child’s education has been cut short due to fear of unfair persecution in Turkey. After coming to Greece, we were dreaming to going to Germany there’re we were not adapted to educational system in Greece and my child fell behind. However, I met you with you to help me children to catch up with their peers.”
C. Aygün
My son and I are refugees, my son's educational life was interrupted. You came to our aid and did not spare your precious help. This work that you have done has made a significant contribution to my son's life. I would like to thank the volunteer teachers and the supporters of your organization for their valuable help. I'm glad you're with me