Story Time

Story Time is a lesson program designed for preschool and elementary school students in grades 1, 2, and 3. This lesson aims to introduce the importance of storytelling, develop their imagination, and cultivate reading habits. The Story Time lesson exposes students to different genres of stories, such as fairy tales, fables, short stories, poems, and legends. Through these stories, students discover different cultures, values, and characters. The purpose of the lesson is to enhance students’ language skills and help them understand story structures using their imagination. As students listen to stories, they follow the tone, emphasis, and body language of the storytellers, thereby exploring the emotional and meaningful aspects of language.

The Story Time lesson also encourages students to expand their reading habits and vocabulary. Students read and attempt to understand short passages from storybooks. Additionally, they develop skills in understanding stories, extracting main ideas, and making inferences about characters.Another important aim of the lesson is to foster students’ creativity and storytelling abilities. When retelling stories, students use their imagination to rearrange events and bring characters to life. These strengthens their communication skills, oral expression, and storytelling abilities.The Story Time lesson provides students with an opportunity to utilize listening, reading, and storytelling skills together. Through this lesson, students gain access to the world of literature, develop empathy skills, and foster original thinking abilities.

Story Time lessons offer students an enjoyable learning experience while simultaneously enhancing their language skills, creativity, and cultural awareness.