Primary School Literacy

Literacy Classes are an educational program that teaches basic reading and writing skills to children who want to learn them for the first time. These classes are designed to help students, especially those living abroad, improve their Turkish reading and writing abilities. To take this course, students must have completed kindergarten education and be enrolled in first grade in their respective country. If the student is older but still in kindergarten, they should not choose the reading and writing education course. Learning the language of the country where they live does not prevent the student from receiving Turkish literacy education or confuse them. On the contrary, the student learns both the language of the country they are in and reading and writing more easily and quickly.

Literacy Classes will be delivered over a period of 32 weeks through online activities, videos, readings, and assignments. These classes aim to develop basic reading and writing skills using different strategies to facilitate the students’ learning process.

In addition to the students’ basic reading and writing skills, these classes also cover vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, interpretation, and critical thinking skills. Students will develop the necessary skills to understand texts, comprehend written materials, and write them correctly.

By enhancing students’ literacy skills, Literacy Classes help them meet their reading and writing needs in their lives. Literacy is crucial for accessing any kind of information needed in daily life and communicating effectively. Therefore, Literacy Classes assist students in acquiring the most fundamental and essential skills they can use throughout their lives.