Nursery School

Nursery school lessons are educational programs designed to teach fundamental skills and knowledge to children aged 5-6. In these lessons, children develop both their academic and social skills while at the same time developing their creativity and ability to explore.


Nursery school lessons are conducted in a play-based, interactive, and enjoyable learning environment. Students receive lessons in various subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, language and communication, art, and music. While teaching basic concepts, skills, and foundational knowledge, the aim is encourage students’ sense of curiosity and their spirit of exploration.


Nursery school lessons aim to create positive effects on students’ cognitive and language development, psychomotor skills, and social and emotional abilities. Through group interactions, games, stories, artistic, and musical activities, students learn and also enhance social skills such as core values, collaboration, sharing, and self-confidence.


These lessons enable children to have a strong start in their foundational education and explore their interests. Additionally, they support students in developing a positive attitude towards the learning process and preparing for their future education.