English Level B1

B1-level English courses are for students with pre-intermediate English proficiency. Students’ language skills are further developed, and more complex communication skills are taught at this level.

The B1 level requires a more in-depth study of grammar and vocabulary topics. Students focus on more complex grammar topics, various time forms, conjunctions, and structures. They also expand their vocabulary and develop speaking and writing skills on more specific topics.


Listening skills developed to enable students to understand English at various speaking speeds. More complex and longer listening materials such as radio programmes, presentations and discussions are provided.

Reading skills aim to enhance student’s ability to understand more complex texts, extract main ideas, and understand details. Students have the opportunity to read a variety of reading materials like newspaper articles, literary texts and academic texts.


Writing skills aim to develop students’ ability to write more complex sentences, defend their opinions, and organize their ideas effectively. Writing activities include explanatory essays, discussion texts, reports, and other forms of written communication.