A2-level English course is intended for students who have already developed basic English skills. In this course, students further enhance their English vocabulary, grammar structures, and communication skills. A2-level courses cover more complex grammar rules and sentence structures. Students learn more detail about different grammar topics, such as past tense, future tense, conditional sentences, and many more. They also expand their vocabulary and learn to use more complex expressions.

Listening skills are crucial to enable students to understand English accurately. Various listening activities, including speaking practice, audio recordings, and radio programs, are provided to improve students’ listening abilities.

Reading skills aim is to enhance students’ comprehension and interpretation of English texts while expanding their vocabulary. Students have the opportunity to read different types of text, such as short stories, newspaper articles and blog posts.

Writing skills focus on developing student’s ability to write more complex sentences and organize their thoughts effectively. Writing activities include descriptive essays, letters, emails, and other forms of written communication.

A2-level English courses aim to strengthen students’ English skills, improve their communication abilities, and boost their confidence. Lessons are typically offered in a 32-week program and supported with online activities, interactive materials, and real-life examples. These courses enable adult learners to use English more fluently and naturally.