Basic English grammar rules are taught at the A1 level. Students learn fundamental grammar topics such as simple tenses (present, past, future), regular and irregular verb conjugations, adjectives, pronouns, numbers and basic sentence structure.

Listening skills are emphasized to help students understand English correctly. Listening activities focus on comprehending daily conversations, following instructions and understanding short dialogues.

Reading skills are important for students to understand simple English texts and expand their vocabulary. Students read short stories, articles and simple texts.

Writing skills aim to develop students’ ability to write basic English sentences and compose short texts. Writing activities help students express daily events, personal information and simple ideas.

A1-level English classes are typically offered in a 32-week program and supported by expert instructors through online activities, interactive materials, speaking practice and real-life examples. These lessons are designed to provide adult learners with basic English language skills and enable them to communicate in their own daily lives.