Character Education

Character education is an educational field that aims to introduce, understand, and embrace the values necessary for individuals to make the right decisions, be good people, contribute to society, and shape their worldviews. This subject contributes to students’ moral, cultural, social, and personal development and aims to cultivate respectable, honest, responsible, fair, and loving individuals in society.


This course will be delivered by expert educators through online activities, videos, readings, and listening materials over a period of 32 weeks. Through these activities, students will grasp the importance of ethics, explore their ethical values, and gain awareness to start implementing them. A range of topics will be covered, including human rights, justice, freedom, responsibility, honesty, tolerance, respect, love, solidarity, and other important ethical values. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and closely study historical and contemporary figures who applied the acquired ethics in their lives, as well as renowned successful individuals and influential personalities who have shaped life. This course will contribute to students’ development and help them become valuable contributors to society as individuals.