Art (Drawing/Painting)

Art lessons are an educational program that aims to develop students’ artistic abilities. This program teaches students various painting techniques and fosters their creativity, aesthetic sense and visual expression skills.

Art lessons enhance students’ hand-eye coordination, colour harmony and composition skills. They also provide students with information about the use of different materials and encourage them to use their imagination while painting.

This program enriches students’ artistic knowledge by focusing on art history, different painting techniques, colour theory and other topics for 32 weeks. Students also develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills through assignments and projects given in the lessons.

Art lessons improve students’ aesthetic tastes and artistic understanding, as well as empower their self-expression skills. They also offer an important opportunity for students to participate in artistic activities and contribute to the culture and art life.

This course should be chosen based on the interests, preferences, abilities and skills of the students. Parents should not impose their own wishes on them!